PMC Tactical Silent Hunter 4 Downloads


No hassle direct downloads without bullshit registrations, required donation, dead links, ads, scrolling endless page lenghts to get into download link or other annoying garbage. Just pure downloading enjoyment.

RFB_2.0.7z Real Feet Boats v2.0 (RFB).

TriggerMaru_Overhaul_2-5.7z Trigger Maru Overhaul v2.5 (TMO).

Real_Environment_mod.7z Real Environment mod v1 By Kriller2 and W_clear

Real_Graphics_Environmental_Mod.7z no readme included, figures.

SH4_Zoomable_Camera.7z readme didnt include authors name, figures.

SH5_Water_for_SH4.7z no readme included, figures.

TMO_Water.7z no readme included, figures.

Updated_Newly_Revised_Environmental_Mod.7z readme didnt include authors name, figures.

If you have mods that you want to get added in this download page, please send them to us and we'll be happy to include them, or if you happen to know more details about these downloads please send that info as well.