PMC Tactical Silent Hunter 5 MODs

Overview on Silent Hunter 5 mods

Please read general overview of Silent Hunter 5 mods and the subsim modding and download community from our mods page. Below you find just quick overview and short human readable descriptions about few selected mods (mostly so called mega mods).

sobers mega mod

sobers mega mod, subsim forums by sober

That topic is horrible mess, its wall of absurd colored text without any clear description of what exactly is the mod. That is prime example of how shitty the subsim forums posting style are :(

Wolves of Steel mega mod

The Wolves of Steel - SH5 Megamod by vdr1981

Unless I'm mistaken this mod's campaign lasts until year 1944. One of the features is that real navigation should be used(?). Deck gun is balanced to more realistic levels, ie its not so powerful as in original game. Mission objectives tonnage bar removed as they all are now date controlled. Max time compression is limited to x512 for stability reasons (512? hehe).

Open Horizons II

Open Horizons II, subsim forums by Trevally

This is basically a campaign mod to extend the war to year 1945.

It has new ships. Reworked and new missions. Historical important convoys added. New campaign covering the 43-44 timeframe. Over 30 new ports and 2 new U-boat bases. It also includes new flotation sinking config, which at least to me is quite radical, ships take like hours to sink now (or at least thats how it feels).

Stormy's DBSM collection SH5

Stormy's DBSM collection SH5, subsim forums by Stormy

DBSM, argh what? I assume its Das Boot Sound Mod, but can't be sure as lame subsim topic first post does not say other than it's a sound mod :(

Apparently this mod is also called SDBSM. Please don't confuse this to the other DBSM by winkelmander

Das Boot Sound Mod

Das Boot Sound Mod by winkelmander

This mod replaces and adds the music tracks from Silent Hunter 3 and original sound track from Das Boot.

This is a great sound mod regarding the Das Boot Music (not sure about the generic sound bits), gives you excellent Das Boot atmosphere and mood. Very highly recommended, if not essential mod.

There is DBSM by Stormy so please don't confuse these two mods.

Sjizzle's Mega Mod Wolfes From The Deep

Sjizzle's Mega Mod Wolfes From The Deep by Sjizzle

This mod is based on MagUI interface (whatever that is?), not much other info available than the individual mods used list.

TDW Generic Patcher

TDW Generic Patcher by TheDarkWraith

This is a tool and not a mod. Really not sure what to do with this, it hexedits the SH5.exe which sounds very dangerous.

Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus, subsim forums TheDarkWraith

His describing words: This mod is a compilation of the 'great work' of SH5. Hehe ;)

Lite Campaign LC

Lite Campaign LC, subsim forums by Vikinger

This mod decreases every campaigns goals approximately by 50-60% except for the tutorial mission. This does not change the original campaign ending date after Black May 1943.

Germany victory goals is changed/lowered by 1 point on all campaigns. But you still need full stars/points for a full victory.